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Corona virus: Is an eco-friendly lifestyle possible?

Corona virus: Is an eco-friendly lifestyle possible?

The Kovid-19 epidemic has left more than half of the world's people homeless. Everyday life is random, everyone is maintaining social distance


This invisible virus has terrorized the whole world At this time, people naturally do not care about eco-friendly living and climate change.


But in this critical situation, if we do not give up our environmentally friendly habits, it will be to our advantage. The cure for this brand new virus to the world has not yet been discovered So we have to stay away from the house, keep social distance and follow the principle of cleanliness to avoid getting infected with this virus. We also need to know how this virus spreads 6 must be aware of the environment


Is plastic wrapped food safe?


People usually think that plastic wrapped food in shops is clean and safe A BloombergNEF research report in mid-March said new concerns among people about sterile foods caused by the corona virus could increase the tendency to wrap food plastic. This is because the protective equipment used by health workers to protect against the virus is all disposable plastic. Therefore, people can follow this path in the case of food


However, Ivy Slegel, a researcher at Greenpeace USA, believes that "plastic cannot keep anything clean and safe."


"Laboratory tests so far have shown that plastic corona virus survives longer than any other material," he said.


Door handles, shopping trolleys or checkout card terminals have been wiped off and disinfected in supermarkets since the Corona outbreak. But it is almost impossible to clean every packet of pasta, cans or other food wrapped in plastic for a while.


Do you need bottled water?


At this time there is no need to drink plastic bottled water Especially in European countries According to the European Food Information Council, since the virus can survive in water for some time, it is filtered and disinfected before it enters the home line. There is no corona virus in that water