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Isolation, Quarantine and Home Quarantine: when needed

Isolation, Quarantine and Home Quarantine: when needed

The three most commonly used words for the global pandemic coronavirus (Covid-19) are isolation, home quarantine and quarantine. But what is the difference between the three? What is the change in the patient's restrictions in these three conditions? What do the specialist doctors say?


According to public health expert Subarna Goswami, ‘there are several differences between isolation, home quarantine and quarantine. There is also a difference in following the rules. '


Isolation: If someone's body shows signs of corona and the test report is positive, if the total corona is caught, he is sent to isolation. The patient should be in the hospital under the supervision of doctors and nurses during isolation. Separate places are made in the hospital for other patients. Isolation lasts for at least 14 days. It is also increased by looking at the nature of the disease.


No outsider is allowed to communicate with the patient in isolation. They are not allowed to see their families at this time. Although allowed to meet in private, many restrictions are complied with.


There is still no cure for this disease. However, at this time the infected person is treated with some anti-viral drugs, some drugs and diets that can increase the body's immunity. People who have high immunity to the disease and low incidence of corona are also cured in this way. However, it is difficult for those who have low immunity to recover.


Quarantine: Corona germs do not cause symptoms as soon as they enter the body. He knows how to sit in ambush for at least a week. Therefore, when a person travels from a corona-infected country or comes in contact with a patient, the coronavirus can also settle in his body. The patient is sent to the quarantine to find out whether the house is tied at all or whether he is infected. Quarantine is never conducted in a hospital with other patients in mind. The person who may be Corona is placed at the official quarantine point.


The deadline is at least 14 days here too. There is only a risk of disease at this time, so no medication is given. Just follow the hygiene rules. It is advisable to stop going out. Since the germs of the disease may be inside, it is also recommended to use a mask. People at home are also asked to have less contact with the patient at this time.


Home Quarantine: Experts say, ‘There is no such thing as home isolation. Isolation is not possible at home. It is more reasonable to call it home quarantine. Home quarantine is when a person complies with all the rules of quarantine in his own home and stays away from outsiders. The patient is placed in the home quarantine unless he has recently returned from the affected country. In this case also to stay apart for at least 14 days. Covid-19 can also build up in a person's body if he or she comes from a corona-infected country, or comes in contact with a patient. This measure has to be taken to understand whether the house is tied at all or whether it is infected.


In this case also, there is no question of giving any different medicine outside the health rules. Water, good food and drink, various diets to increase immunity are kept under observation.